• Image of Dark Palace by Frank Moorhouse

Edith Campbell Berry is one of my favourite literary protagonists of all time. She is the reason I have a hipflask and a penchant for cross dressers.Dark Palace is book two of what is now known as the Edith Trilogy. Edith left a small town in NSW for Europe and the League of Nations, her gorgeous cross dressing husband and a bullet dented hipflask. She is the also the reason I believe cointreau is perfect with tea. This is a big chunky hard cover of the book, rich and deep velvety colours on the cover, and a story, regardless of whether you've devoured Grand Days (first book of the trilogy) yet, compelling and delicious. I would love to have the three books available for you in hardcover. In good condition but not pristine. They are pretty expensive on Amazon. And it won the Miles Franklin in 2001, Hugely contentious - but Edith IS such a glorious version of Australian life.
Hardcover, 2002 edition, first published 2000
Random House