• Image of First Lady by Kay Cottee
  • Image of First Lady by Kay Cottee

Kay Cottee is a bloody hero. She was the first woman to singlehand* around the world (at least the first documented and sponsored, I'd love to think there were others before her, but maybe there were not). Before we dwell in notion of the fortune and privilege in which Cottee found herself in to have the resources to sail singlehanded around the world, let's consider some of the extreme conditions that anyone, be in it in one of the contemporary blue water racing yachts, or a lovely, lumbering wooden vessel of the mid twentieth century, or in her gorgeous vessel, First Lady, circumnavigated this planet.
This book not only has a gorgeous glossary, and drawing of tthe yacht's dimensions, it also has a full gear list, including down to what charts she had aboard.
Pan 1989 (1990 edition)
226 pages, paperback
*solo, nonstop and unassisted, I'm sure these are all technical and important terms,