• Image of Life of Pi by Yann Martel
  • Image of Life of Pi by Yann Martel

Do not let anyone tell you that the final chapter in this strange and beautiful book is part of the story. I will leave it up to you to find out what I mean.
This book won the Booker Prize in 2002 and tells the story of the sixteen year old boy Pi, adrift in the ocean on a raft with a hyena, a zebra with a broken leg, an orangutan and a 450 pound Royal Bengal Tiger. It is a wonderful novel that has the chance to bring you great reading joy. Auspicious reading blessings for all ye who read here.
It strikes me that Martel is one of those rare birds, an author who writes strikingly in a language that is not their first - alongside Nabokov, Conrad and Hemon.
2001 first published
2003 Canongate
Such a sturdy paperback!