• Image of The Doubleman by CJ Koch
  • Image of The Doubleman by CJ Koch
  • Image of The Doubleman by CJ Koch

The Doubleman by CJ (Christopher) Koch,
This book is seminal for me, and my understanding of Tasmania. It's also the 1985 Miles Franklin winner and it was the first time that I had ever read my town in fiction (even if Harrington Street runs the wrong way, which I understand has irked some readers).
It features a self educated Tasmanian mystic, a bike ride up the East coast, a stint on the mainland (could he not hack it?) - amd some general trippy shit.
Dated, but still an important tome in this history of our letters.
Good condition paperback, neatly covered in contact, now that was a caring owner, will you treat it with comensurate respect?
1985 Triad, imprint of Chatto, Bodley Head and Jonathan Cape and Grafton Books, A Division of the Collins Publishing Group (pheeeeewww, glad I didn't manage that mongrel). This edition 1986.
058606882 I'm pretty excited to also have the first American edition of The Doubleman, in hardcover.