• Image of The World Beneath by Cate Kennedy
  • Image of The World Beneath by Cate Kennedy

As I have written elsewhere today, Cate Kennedy writes almost perfect short stories. Well constructed, wearing their language lightly - and compelling tales too. She has bought those refined skills into her first novel, The World Beneath. This book tells the story of a father and daughter facing great danger, lost in the Tasmanian wilderness during a long overdue and failed attempt at bonding. Sophie, the daughter is anorexic, and her father, Rich is trying to relive his days in the deeply beautiful Tasmanian west coast wilderness as an activist.
A generation of Australian activists was born at this campaign to save the Franklin River. Some of them have found it hard to leave behind, or hard to better as a profound life experience, often leading to a life of disappointment, as nothing touches the pinnacle of the campaigning life. Rick is one of these people. They won, thank the sweet lord, and the campaign was all consuming for many.
Scribe, 2009
Large format paperback, a little worn