• Image of Turtle Beach by Blanche D’Apulget
  • Image of Turtle Beach by Blanche D’Apulget

Ok – so there is something of the prurient about this listing, emanating from a possibly unhealthy interest in the love affair between the author, D’Apulget and our former Prime Minister, Bob Hawke, whose biography she wrote in 1982 and who is best remembered in my house for saying ‘bum’ on national television, when Australia won the Americas Cup in 1983.
It may now be obvious to you that I haven’t read this book, and as yes, I am interested in reading it for I have confidence in D’Apulget’s writing and the events in the book are described as having a ‘Graham Greene sense of inevitability". The book actually tells the story of Judith Wilkes, an ambitious journalist who travels to Malaysia, and the entertwining (see what I did there) between Minou, the French-Vietnamese wife of a diplomat and ambitious Ralph Hamilton. Why Turtle Beach? Because the ‘brutal climax’ of the book is set on the East Malaysian Coast where turtles gather to breed.
First published by Penguin in 1981, this is from 1987 this is a paperback in very good nick.

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