Books are astonishingly resilient, print books in particular and I am delighted to offer you some of my selection. This is a secondhand bookshop, online. I love pretty much most things a book can offer; how they can transform you, entertain you, titillate, devastate, and I look forward to bringing you the best I can find. 

I will help ease your passage in the world, with books. Email me if you are seeking something in particular and I will find you something to help, some bibliotheraphy, if you like.

I'll upload new books regularly, with a blurb, my reason for listing it and some lo-fi photos. You can order them to be sent to yourself, to a friend, a lover, a family member and I can pop a note in on your behalf too. They will all be wrapped in brown paper and tied up with string, with some extra packaging to withstand even the stroppiest postie.

This site is new for me, bookselling is not, I have worked in bookshops around Australia on and off over twenty years, I write reviews and commentary about books and I podcast as Paige Turner. I'm the editor at Transportation Press and I was recently called a literary activist which is a term I wear on my sleeve, unavoidably as it oozes out my heart; stories are so crucial to our sense of self, community, the world.

I'd love to hear your feedback about the site, about the books and about what you seek in a book.